Best practices: ad testing

Want to use to boost your ads to the next level? Try out the following best practices to make sure you get everything out of your subscription.

Test your ad in context

Are you interested in advertising on billboards or bus stops? Try contextual testing! It basically entails that you put your advertisement within a context like a billboard, or a bus stop poster context - and measure how much it stands out!

The reason why this method is useful is that your ad, as a stand-alone, gets attention in the right places. However, when you publicize the ad, there are other elements that might hinder your ad from getting attention. This can be cars, houses, etc. in the surrounding of your out-of-home ad. Therefore, try testing your ads when they are in context, to make sure your ad gets the attention it deserves!

A/B testing

Can't really decide between two designs? Easy peasy! Try out A/B testing for your designs. Upload both of your concepts to and compare the two. From experience, we can assure you that any indecisiveness or disagreement between designers can be easily resolved.

Avoid the corner of death

The corner of death is when you place a logo in the corner, but it doesn't grab any attention. In many cases, your audience will have a harder time finding out which brand you are. Avoid this by placing your logo in a more obvious spot. Want to test out whether you have fallen victim to this trap? Test it on

Online ads

Are you running online ads? For example, on Instagram or on Facebook? Screenshot your timeline, and find out if people really notice the ads you paid for. You can use it to measure the amount of attention. If it doesn't grab the desired amount of attention, you can use to change it so it stands out from the crowd.

YouTube ads

Struggling to get the most out of YouTube? We've been there too, so we built a platform to test and benchmark your YouTube ad in minutes - It's a product built in collaboration with Google, exclusively designed to help YouTube advertisers make effective video content for YouTube and get the most out of their ad spend.

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