Best practices: retail testing

Want to get the best out of and are you trying to improve your packaging? Try out these tips!

Try A/B testing your packaging

Want to improve the design of your packaging? Try out A/B testing using It’s really easy! You can upload two different designs into and compare them. It is important to ask the question: what do I want consumers to notice?

In the example below, two different designs are being compared from the brand Pringles. We want to choose the packaging with the most attention to the logo mascot. It’s clear that the new packaging is the winner.

Try contextual testing!

Are you selling your product in stores? Then here is a tip for you. Snap a picture of your product on a shelf, or edit your picture on a shelf. Run this in, and voila! You can see how much your product stands out. 

Check out this example!

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