Best practices: UI/UX

Are you a UI/UX designer, and do you want to get the best out of Here are some handy tips and tricks to ensure you get everything out of your subscription.

Test what your user/visitor sees
We predict what a user will see/notice, so ask yourself this question: "Is this what my visitor would see?". A common mistake we see quite often is users not using a realistic setting for their materials, this especially happens when testing UI/UX.

For example, are you looking to test your website? That's awesome, but keep in mind that a website visitor only sees what's in the viewport. Screenshotting your entire page won't work, simply because no one would ever see your webpage in this way. Capturing multiple viewport screenshots is the way to go!

Try videos out to analyse your design

Want to analyse the journey of your customer as they go through your website or application? You can!

Record your screen and start scrolling/clicking! will show you the elements and areas where people will pay attention to.

A/B testing

Can’t decide between 2 designs? Well, can help you solve that problem! Check out the example below. 

First of all, we have to think about what we want our users to see. Let’s say we want the emphasis to be on the sign-up button because we want new users. As demonstrated in the example, you can see that there is a slight difference between the attention that the sign-up buttons grab. The right design is slightly better for this case.

Try out the reveal setting

Here’s a pro tip for you. The ‘reveal’ setting, which can be found when you want to create a new heatmap, can tell you more precisely what users do and don’t see. Everything that can be seen through the reveal filter, is the elements that are noticed. On the other hand, everything you cannot see through the filter means that these elements do not get any attention.

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