Neuromarketing principles to consider

Since we have been in the Neuromarketing domain for quite some time, we have a bunch of interesting learnings and principles to consider when working on a design. Some things to avoid at all costs, and some stuff to aim for:

Things to aim for:

  • Create little stories, narratives that build momentum
  • When you take away the logo, is it still yours?
  • Be distinct, consistent, and recognizable
  • Bridge the proposition or call to action
  • Interweave your message into the entertainment
  • Guide attention to every moment, and create one focus point throughout the video
  • Use close-ups, zoom in
  • If you're making a YouTube ad, make sure you test and benchmark your YouTube ad with

Things to avoid:

  • A video-clip look & feel
  • Splitting attention across too many points
  • Cognitive closing effects; Doors closing, cars leaving, sunsets, curtains closing, zooming out.
  • Words signaling lists of information
  • Entertainment without a connection to the message or brand
  • Difficult wording and confusion
  • Activating brand attributes from competitors
  • Activating buying barriers

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