Running predictions for video

While there are a couple of things to consider when running heatmaps, simply follow the steps below to get things moving.

  1. Open the video you want to run your prediction for. This will send you to our mediaviewer.
  2. Once your video is displayed in the media viewer, head to the top left and click Create new heatmap.
  3. This opens the heatmap settings menu. In This Article you can find more details on the various options available.
  4. Click run to send your video to our Neural net for processing. You will notice that in the menu on the left, under the original file, you can now see a new heatmap being created.
  5. Videos take a bit longer to process than images. A time indicator will tell you exactly how long it will take until your video is processed. Feel free to move to other files while our neural net processes your video.
  6. If you stayed on the page, your media viewer should automatically refresh once your heatmap is ready. 
  7. Take a look at the result and validate, "Is this where I want attention to go to on this design?".
  8. Adjust your design based on the answer to this question and repeat the steps!

Pro tip: If the video you're testing is a YouTube ad, we strongly recommend you test your ad on It's another platform we build exclusively for testing and benchmarking YouTube ads, and is already being used by top brands like Google, Randstad and KPN.

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