Heatmap settings

We've got a bunch of options when it comes to customizing your heatmap output based on what you prefer. Read on to find out how you can use our presets as well as the custom heatmap settings!

Heatmap Presets

To make things easier for you we've already prepopulated the heatmap settings list with handy presets. You will find a brief summrary of each heatmaps and its ideal use-case within the expoze platform (see below screenshot). Each preset is created with a specific goal in mind.

Selecting a heatmap preset in expoze.io


Our normal preset gives you a visual presentation you are likely already familiar with, using the standard jet colormap, in which peaks in attention jump out at you from the screen.


Our scientific preset is scientifically more valid than our Normal preset, because the color distribution is linear. That means that a peak in the attention heatmap which shows up with twice the brightness of another peak, actually is predicted to receive twice the amount of attention.


Our reveal preset will hide everything that doesn't grab attention. It makes everything opaque, except those locations where the attention prediction peaks.

Color blindness

Our color blindness preset is geared towards those who have difficulty differentiating certain colors.

Custom settings

Next to these presets we have the options to use custom settings. Since we need a bit more detail to describe how each setting impacts your heatmap we've created a separate article for this.

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