Creating folders

In folders are called workspaces. Creating a new workspace is quick and easy and it's a great way to ensure your media items stay organized. 

Create a new workspace
Simply click Create Workspace in the top left corner and a pop-up menu will open. Give your new workspace a new name (e.g. My designs) and, if you like, give it a description. Once you're happy, click Create and you're all set!

Create a subspace
We also offer the option to create folders within an already existing workspace. We call these subspaces. You can go up to 8 levels deep with your subspaces (although we're not sure if that makes things easier to manage...) and like creating a new workspace, this is done in just a few clicks.

Head over to the workspace (or subspace) you would like to create a new subspace in and click Add Subspace. The same pop-up menu appears, simply add a name (e.g. web designs) and a description and hit create. You're all set!

Recommend structure
Considering some of you might work with many other users, we highly recommend thinking through a proper structure for your spaces, since changing this at a later point in time might prove difficult.

Structures that tend to work:

  1. Agencies: create folders per client OR based on account/client manager. Use subfolders to define campaigns or clients.
  2. App and web builders: create folders per client OR based on account/client manager. Use subfolders to define campaigns, clients, or design types.
  3. Corporates: create folders per brand, operating company, or department, and use subfolders to build an organizational structure that works best for your organization.

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