Errors when inviting users

In certain cases errors might pop up when inviting users to your organization. In this article we have described the most common errors and how to solve them.

"A user with email-address already exists"

This error pops up if you to try to invite a user that is already part of your organization and thus is already registered as a user. If you still want to set up a secondary user for this email address we recommend using +1 Gmail trick, which by simply adding a + followed by words or numbers, creates an email alias that allows you to receive emails from that email address.

Since uses your email address to identify you as a user this is an easy way to set up two separate accounts using one email address. For example; we have a user using the email address, which the username is already in use. By simply adding +1 to the users email address, resulting in the address, we can invite a second user for the same email address.

"A user with email-address already exists in another organization"

Very similar to the message above, but in this case the user already exists in another organization and thus can't be invited to yours. You can apply the same trick as described above if you want to set up multiple accounts to easily invite the user to another organization.

If you feel the user is incorrectly added to another organization, for example if the user registered their own Freemium account to try out our platform and they should now be part of the organization that has been set up centrally, you can get in touch with our customer support department.

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