Our platform is an AI powered predictive eye-tracking solution that allows you to analyze any creative with amazing accuracy, without needing participants. For both images and video will predict what draws attention using a neural network trained using real eye-tracking data gathered by our parent company Alpha.One

Develop, test and improve
As you don’t need any participants, you can test for attention while working on your design. Results are generated in a matter of minutes. 
All of that, with the simple click of a button, so you can focus on what really matters.

An often-overlooked resource
While eye-tracking is a great resource, traditional lab-based research is time consuming and therefore rather costly. With predictive eye-tracking we are changing the game, as we cut out the need for participants and an eye-tracking lab.
Our platform isn’t just cheaper, it’s also a lot faster than traditional lab-based research. So, don’t have the research budget or the time available to do traditional eye-tracking? 
Think again!

Predictive or traditional eye-tracking?
While both predictive and traditional eye-tracking have its pros and cons, they have one clear overlapping metric; the accuracy of the results. 
MIT has developed a benchmark specifically for this purpose and the results don’t lie. 
Our platform scores a 0.87. Compared to real eye-tracking that’s an accuracy of 95%.
Don’t believe numbers? Check out the video below.

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