Why get an educational plan?

The main advantage of an educational plan is that it is tailored toward you and your students, at a friendly price. You can easily manage all your students and give them access to our platform. The main reason to get this is for students to learn how attention (in the neuroscience context) can impact the creatives they make.

The benefits

Take advantage of the full power of our attention prediction platform:

  • Analyze up to 100 images and 60 seconds of video per month.
  • Receive attention prediction results in seconds.
  • An accuracy of 87% vs the 92% accuracy of traditional eye-tracking, according to the MIT benchmark.
  • Test any image or video; from advertisements to UX and from landing page to packaging.
  • Optimize existing designs by steering attention to the most important elements.
  • Use AOI's to identify if your CTA, logo or tagline gets noticed.
  • Work from the applications you love by using our plugins.
  • And many other features...

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