Chrome plugin

We know it's a pain to continuously switch between different applications and solutions. To accommodate for this we're introducing our Chrome plugin. This plugin is for those that are looking to test their web pages, be it shop, landing page or corporate page and any of the elements on that page. With just a few clicks we will tell you if your CTA, headline, logo or product actually draw attention.

Install the chrome extension here

First things first, there are a couple of things to take into consideration when using our Chrome plugin.

  1. An account is required to create heatmaps
  2. Each viewport/screen analysed will deduct one credit
  3. Certain functionality is only available in our web application
  4. Don't forget to stick to our recommendations and considerations when analysing materials
  5. This is a Chrome plugin, that means it's not available in other browsers :-)

Installing the Chrome plugin
Time to set up your plugin for the first time! Head over to the Chrome extension store and download the extension. Once it's installed it should show up in your extensions menu. Tip: if you are going to use it frequently, you can pin plugins to your chrome instance by clicking the pin icon!

Logging in
When the extension is successfully installed, head over to the website you are looking to analyze and simply click the icon to open up the extension. This will show various options:

  • Email + password: in order to run predictions you need to be logged in. Simply fill in your details and click "Login"
  • Sign up: don't have an account yet? Click the signup button to head over to our pricing page and select the desired plan to get started or start your trial!
  • Password reset: forgotten your password? This will send you to our password reset page so you can get things set up in a minute.
  • Contact support: send you over to our knowledge base, where you can find answers to all related questions!

Once you're logged
Once you are logged in the page will change. Dependent on whether or not you have already created workspaces in our web application.

If you haven't created any workspaces yet, the screen on the left will pop up. We will automatically create a workspace for you called "Chrome plugin" in which we will upload your designs. If you have already created a workspace, like the screen on the right, you will be able to select in which workspace you want to upload the designs. After selecting the desired workspace the "Create heatmap!" button will show up.

In addition, we're also offering some direct links on both screens:

  • My account: allows you to quickly head over to your account settings page in the web application.
  • My plan: allows you to quickly head over to your plan overview page in the web application.
  • Log out: logs you out of the plugin.
  • Contact support: send you over to our knowledge base, where you can find answers to all related questions!

Creating a heatmap
We're all set to analyse our webpage!

Since we will analyse whatever is in the viewport, it's important to ensure that the part of the page we want to run the prediction for is in view. Once we've confirmed this, we can click the "Create heatmap!" button. Wait a couple of seconds and the generated heatmap will show up as an overlay on your webpage!

After creating a heatmap
Once the heatmap is generated it will show as an overlay on your page, but you also have the option to download it directly using the "Download result!" button. In addition to downloading, we've also uploaded the screenshot and the result to your web application so you can start using the more advanced features, like AOIs, from there.

If you want to test multiple viewports of the same page, simply scroll down on your page and click the "Upload another" button. Each newly generated heatmap will appear in the overlay as well. To get rid of the overlay, simply refresh the page.

Be sure to check out our knowledge base article on how to interpret heatmaps to start actioning on the found results!

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