Using AOI's

An Area of Interest also referred to as an AOI, is a tool to select regions of a displayed stimulus and extract metrics specifically for those regions. 

Create an AOI

  1. Select the square button in the media viewer. A drop-down menu will pop up.
  2. Select the desired AOI shape.
  3. A green shape will then appear in the media viewer in the shape that you have selected. Drag this shape (AOI) to your desired region.
    1. Note: when using Polygonal AOIs, you need to define each point of the shape by clicking the outer edges of your desired AOI, and you can finish the shape by double-clicking
  4. Changing the size of the AOI by dragging out the side of the AOI, so it fits the area. AOIs are currently only available for images.

Delete and hide

Want to hide, unhide or delete your AOI? That's easy. Select the AOI you want to hide/unhide or delete, and then the icons in the image below pop up. Select the action want to perform by clicking on the icon. 

Copy pasting AOI

We created a handy feature in which you can copy and paste an AOI. You can do this by selecting the desired AOI (either in the menu or in the overview) and then using the shortcuts Crtl-c and then Crtl-v. 

For MAC users, that is command-c and then command-v.

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